Cora Tampons Review


Many years ago I made the switch to really watching the foods I consumed. I focus on organic, and non-GMO, grass-fed, and responsibly raised. I want to make sure that the food I am eating is chemical free and as natural as possible. For a while I was consuming super clean food, but still pouring chemicals all over me by not changing the beauty products I was using. More recently I have made the switch to better make-up, hair products, and body washes, trying to ensure that the products I use have less chemicals, less toxins, and are cruelty free. Okay, doing much better right?! Well then I was like, hey, it’s time to clean up our household products, so …

Why it’s over between me and Snapchat

About a week ago, I decided to give up Snapchat and focus my attention solely on IG Stories. This decision had a lot of people confused, upset, and unsure of my reasoning, so I figured it was time to let you all in on my decision.

Father’s Day Gift Giving Guide


In honor of Father’s Day I thought I would put together a list of 10 items that could be great gifts for that kick ass dad in your life. We all know most dads would say they don’t want anything, but hey, we know they deserve a treat every once in a while for all their hard work.

Marriage Tip: Putting Your Kids Before Your Spouse

That means that the relationship with my husband is important and I cannot ignore him or put him last. It is so important to model to my children what a healthy loving relationship looks like so when they are older and ready to be in a romantic relationship, they will be seeking a healthy relationship for themselves.

Airplane Workout – 5 Exercise You Can Do While On a Plane

We all know that air travel can wreak havoc on the body, especially on long flights. Sometimes you just want to get some movement flowing through your body while you en route to your destination. While there isn’t a ton of space on airplanes for burpees and push-ups, here are 5 simple exercises you can do while on a plane to keep mobile and feeling great.

There is no MOM TYPE


I want to break the stereotype or the way of thinking that there is a MOM TYPE. You can have tattoos, wild hair, piercings, curves, you can have or be anything you want to be. There is no MOM TYPE other than LOVE. So from now on, let’s work together to honor and support mothers, no matter what they look like. Mothers are amazing because they create incredible human beings. And that is the best mom type there is.

5 Ways to Have Fun Outside with Kids

It is so easy in this digital age for our kids to get stuck inside on their phone or iPad playing their favorite game or watching their favorite YouTube show. However, it also can be really simple to get them off their device and outside, especially if you join in on the fun. Here are 5 simple ways to connect with your kids, enjoy some fresh air, and give the devices a much needed break.   Hula Hooping– I don’t know about you, but I rule at hula hooping! Not only is it a lot of fun, but its actually not a bad workout. And nothing makes your kids mile more than watching you swing them hips, round and round! …

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Guide

  Every day is Mother’s Day, right?! But, the official holiday just gives us a chance to slow down, pause, and recognize those momma’s in our lives who inspire us, teach us, and love us. In honor of Mother’s Day I thought I would put together a list of 10 items that could be great gifts for that special mom in your life, OR, for you to forward on to your family and say, “hey…get this for me!” We all know we love a macaroni bracelet or a clay pot, but getting something off our list doesn’t hurt either. Fitmark Gym Bag : I don’t know about you, but my weekends are often spent for HOURS at volleyball tournaments with …