Fitness trainer. Influencer. Mompreneur.

Danielle Natoni is an international fitness personality, speaker, and influencer known for motivating millions of people online to become healthier, happier, more successful versions of themselves.

A former elementary school teacher turned fitness entrepreneur, Danielle launched her Fit and Funky persona in 2010. Through her tight-knit connection with devout followers on social media, Danielle has rallied an army of invigorated minds who march to the beat of the Fit and Funky drum, together sharing in each other’s successes while overcoming challenges in health, life, and love. Although she may have left one classroom, Danielle maintains that she stepped into another, where she is still a teacher, simply with a different audience.

Known widely for her involvement with health and fitness leader Beachbody, Danielle is a Superstar Diamond Coach, the network’s highest ranking achievement. In 2016, Danielle earned the coveted CEO Award for embodying Beachbody’s mission of helping people achieve their goals and live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Her recognition as one of the most successful leaders in the company’s history is well-warranted, as Danielle is synonymous with world-renowned fitness programs like INSANITY, CIZE, and Country Heat. She’s been featured as the modifier in Shaun T’s INSANITY MAX:30, cast in INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Vol. 2, and is regularly seen in television commercials and advertising across the globe. As the INSANITY LIVE Format Expert and a Beachbody LIVE Master Trainer, Danielle also creates, tests, and films the formats taught by instructors in gyms and classes worldwide.

As CEO of Team Fit and Funky, Danielle has coached countless people in transforming not only their health and bodies, but their finances as well. Whether speaking to thousands from stage or training a single individual over the phone, her dedication to helping others achieve their goals is unparalleled.

Although her professional accolades are many, no role is as important as that of mother to her two beautiful daughters and wife to her husband, Darren. Together, Darren and Danielle Natoni have established themselves as a preeminent couple to follow for guidance in fitness and relationship success. Fueled by transparency, honesty, and perseverance in achieving their goals, their teamwork and support for one another has earned them an inspired following around the world.



From Fractions to Fitness

From lone underdog to renowned motivator, Danielle Natoni climbed her way out of debt to build an international fitness empire. Once a struggling elementary school teacher, today Danielle leads a proud team of successful health and fitness entrepreneurs tasked with the mission of developing wholesome, confident leaders.

Social Reach

Median age: 25-44
84% women, 16% men


Master Trainer. Instructor. Modifier.

  • Beachbody On Demand

    Trainer for Beachbody On Demand Challenge Du Jour Master Trainer workouts streaming to millions of devices internationally. As featured in INSANITY LIVE, CIZE LIVE, PiYo LIVE, and P90X LIVE CDJ workouts.

  • Fitness On Demand

    Trainer for virtual group fitness solution Fitness On Demand, streaming classes to apartments, fitness facilities, hotels, corporations, community centers, and schools.


    Format Expert for interval training group exercise workout INSANITY LIVE. Responsible for all programming taught by instructors worldwide. Master Trainer featured in videos & promotion.

  • Country Heat LIVE

    Master Trainer for group exercise dance workout Country Heat LIVE. Trainer and cast member in instructor videos. Instructor for official Country Heat test groups.


    Master Trainer for group exercise dance workout CIZE LIVE. Trainer and cast member in instructor videos.


    Modifier in Shaun T’s INSANITY MAX:30 workout.


    Cast member in INSANITY: THE ASYLUM Vol. 2 workout.



Television. Speaking. Commercials.

Beachbody On Demand TV Commercial

Speaking to 16,000 coaches in Nashville

Sexyfit Podcast interview: Secrets to a lasting marriage & raising healthy children

The Model Health Show interview: How to have more fitness, health, & love in your relationship

Harder to Kill Radio interview: How to make fitness fun again

Beachbody LIVE Ad

Beachbody LIVE Promo

Trust and Believe with Shaun T interview: The INSANITY love story

INSANITY MAX:30 – Modifier



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