Fit and Funky Shakeology Balls and Bars

Fit and Funky Shakeology Balls & Bars

I don’t like to leave nutrition to chance when busy and on the go, but sometimes life calls for a quick boost of healthy energy to make it through a hectic day. I love my Shakeology for all the vitamins and nutrients it provides, so these easy no-bake Shakeology protein balls and bars are the perfect healthy snack for those times when life calls for a fast power-up!

Below is the Fit and Funky recipe for my grain-free Shakeology balls and bars. I modified Beachbody’s original recipe, since my husband and I don’t eat oats (including the gluten-free kind). You can either roll them into balls or you can combine a couple balls together to form a bar for a larger portion—the hubby’s favorite!

Combine the following ingredients into a mixing bowl:

  • 2 packets or scoops of Shakeology

    Any flavor should do but chocolate and Café Latte are my favorite for this recipe.

  • 1/2 cup raw organic shredded coconut

    I substitute shredded coconut in place of oats for enhanced consistency while staying grain-free.

  • 1/2 cup raw local organic honey

    I prefer honey that’s raw and local to help with seasonal allergies.

  • 1/2 cup organic crunchy nut butter

    Feel free to substitute your nut or seed butter of choice, like almond butter, hazelnut butter, cashew butter, SunButter, etc. Just make sure it’s crunchy for consistency. I used Santa Cruz organic crunchy peanut butter in these batches. While peanuts are technically legumes—not nuts—a little quality peanut butter won’t kill you. Unless you’re allergic to peanut butter. In that case, it may totally kill you.

  • 1 tsp organic vanilla extract

    I typically use Simply Organic Pure Vanilla Extract in my baking.

  • 1 tsp of Flavor God Chocolate Donut seasoning

    This step is optional but I added it for that extra boost of flavor. I know it sounds like it’d be “bad” with donut in the name, but it’s just made from honey, cocoa, cinnamon, coriander, cardamom, and nutmeg. And like all Flavor God’s seasonings, it’s chemical and filler free. Grab it from Flavor God here.

  • Mix ingredients together in bowl

    Mix ingredients together and place bowl in refrigerator for approximately 5 min to make shaping into balls and bars easier.

  • Roll mixture into bite-sized balls or shape into bars

    Make an OK sign with your hand and roll cold mixture evenly into balls about the size of the opening between your index finger touching your thumb—or shape into larger bars.

  • Sample > snap > share

    Sample your tasty treats, snap pics before letting family and friends devour every last morsel, and post your success on social media to share the love!

  • Place finished balls and bars in refrigerator

    Place remaining Funkyballs/bars into refrigerator to yield firmer consistency for a quick-and-healthy pop of nutrition to boost energy and fill you up on the go. Kid tested, Funky approved!

  • Tip: Store bites in Ziploc Snack Bags

    I store the individual balls and bars in these Ziploc Snack Bags, which makes for quick grab-and-go servings for everyone in the house.

If you prefer to bake with a funky friend, follow along with me in the video below!

If you don’t already drink Shakeology daily, tap the button below to get the key ingredient!

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  • Fit and Funky Shakeology Balls & Bars
  • Fit and Funky Shakeology Balls & Bars
  • Fit and Funky Shakeology Balls & Bars